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March 2022 - College and Career Readiness (CCR)

Awareness week Mar 14-18

Exciting times for Falcons! We are learning: Our graduation year from high school, about my interests and what career I want to work towards now to have when I grow up, what college or university adults at Foothill attended and what degree they earned. How I can be a better student today to be a better employee in the future. "What I want to be is up to me".

Super Cool Career Websites to checkout:

Student Success tips for Parents


College and Career CTE CCA Utah Schools

Utah CTE Pathways

NEW School Wide Attendance Incentive: "Soaring to the End Monthly Class Best Attendance Award" beginning Mar 1.

 During each of the next three months March, April, and May, two classes - one class from Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades and one class from 3rd, 4th, 5th grades will have a chance to earn a class party.  The two classes earning the highest monthly attendance goal of 95% plus (tardies will be included if there is a tie) will get to have a class choice party of either: pizza, doughnuts, rootbeer floats, chips.

Thanks for encouraging all students to be at Foothill daily.

"Every Student, Every Day, On-Time"

February 2022 - Kindness week Feb 7 - 11

All students deserve to learn in a safe, supportive, caring environment. We are striving to create a school culture of kindness by being bucket fillers and saying kind words and doing kinds acts of service for each other. Our goal is to do as many acts of kindness as we can at our school and in our community to show compassion, empathy, and respect for one another. Please help your student recognize opportunities to do acts of service and be bucket fillers.

January 2022 - Happy New Year!

Our Digital Citizenship Lessons are beginning the week of January 24. Students will practice identifying situations where Green = Go, Yellow = Caution/Slow, Red = Stop when being online. Please ask your student where his/her pledge is. In our pledge, students are promising to be: Safe, Respectful, Responsible, and Safe whenever they are online. Talk with your student about the pledge goals together, both sign and return the pledge to a box in the main office no later than Wed Feb 2 for a chance to win a small prize.

Click on these links for more information:

Digital Responsibility-Free Resources

Digital Parenting (resources)

We the Digital Citizens (Song/Video)

Protect Student Identify Online (Video)

Oversharing and Digital Footprints (Video)

February 7-11 is Kindness Week - lots of fun daily activities and opportunities for all students and staff to show kindness to each other.

March 14-18 is College and Career Week - learning what our parents do for a career, what degrees faculty/staff earned, creating excitement about what students want to do for a career when they grow up.

Daily Attendance is essential for your student's success: "Every Student, Every Day, On-time" Thank you for getting them here with us each day.



Kristine Dinsdale

820 North 100 East

Brigham, City, UT 84302



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December 2021
Hello Fabulous Foothill Elementary Families,

I am honored to be your school counselor again this year and am excited to be supporting your amazing students.  I want to help them help themselves to be as successful as possible. Success in school is not just about reading and math, it is also about knowing how to get along with others. Students are receiving the Second Step lessons in their classrooms weekly from their teachers. These lessons teach skills and supports student's social emotional well being. The four main areas of focus are:

1. Skills for Learning: Students gain skills to help themselves learn, including how to focus their attention, listen carefully, and be assertive when asking for help with schoolwork.
2. Empathy: Students learn to identify and understand their own and others’ feelings, how to take another’s perspective, and how to show compassion.
3. Emotion Management: Students learn specific skills for calming down when experiencing strong feelings, such as anxiety or anger.
4. Problem Solving: Students learn a process for solving problems with others in a positive way.

Services Provided:

​Small Groups: Skill building to practice social/emotional skills which may include self compassion, resiliency, grit, mindfulness, managing anxiety/stress, friendships, and emotion regulation. Three to six students meet once a week for 8 weeks during specialty time to avoid missing academic instruction.

Digital Citizenship: Parents, thanks for responding and supporting this important discussion so well last year! Internet safety lessons will be provided to all Foothill students in January 2022. Watch for the student/parent pledge about tips to stay safe at school and at home. Discuss/sign/return to school for a chance to win fun prize drawings.

Kindness Week: Activities to practice looking for and doing acts of kindness daily.

College and Career week: Exploring student career interests. Understanding their "job" is to be to school every day on time and to work hard on listening, learning, and practicing positive academic/behavior skills for daily success.


According to the The American School Counselor Association, "Elementary school counselors are educators uniquely trained in child development, learning strategies, self-management, and social skills, who understand and promote success for today’s diverse students. They implement a school counseling program to support students through this important developmental period. The program provides education, prevention and intervention activities, which are integrated into all aspects of children’s lives. The program teaches knowledge, attitudes and skills students need to acquire in academic, career and social/emotional development, which serve as the foundation for future success."

Mrs. Dinsdale, School Counselor
Foothill Elementary​

Kristine Dinsdale, School Counselor

Kristine Dinsdale

820 North 100 East

Brigham, City, UT 84302



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Second Step Lessons
Please create a parent account by clicking this link Enter the following grade specific activation key(s) for your student(s).  You should be able to see an overview of the program, access resources, watch videos, and see what your student(s) are learning. It's also a great way to have your student teach you the songs they are learning.

Social Emotional Lessons (SEL) Code
Kindergarten: SSPKFAMILY70

1st Grade: SSP1FAMILY71

2nd Grade: SSP2FAMILY72

3rd Grade: SSP3FAMILY73

4th Grade: SSP4FAMILY74

5th Grade: SSP5FAMILY75

Bullying Prevention Lessons Code

Kindergarten: BPUKFAMILY00

1st Grade: BPU1FAMILY01

2nd Grade: BPU2FAMILY02

3rd Grade: BPU3FAMILY03

4th Grade: BPU4FAMILY04

5th Grade: BPU5FAMILY05