Foothill Elementary School
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October PTA Newsletter  

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Student Check-Out Policy   In order to ensure the safety of all students, students MUST be checked out through the school office. There is NO exception to this rule. If your child becomes ill or must leave school for family or personal matters during school time, a designated adult MUST sign them out at the office.

School Fundraiser
Oct 22 
School Fundraiser
Oct 23 
School Fundraiser
Oct 24 
School Fundraiser
Oct 25 
School Fundraiser
Oct 26 
School Fundraiser
Oct 27 
School Fundraiser
Oct 28 
School Pictures
Oct 29 
School Fundraiser
Oct 30 
Costume Parade
Oct 31 The annual Foothill Halloween costume parade will take place at 1:30pm. 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Early-Out Wednesday
Nov 05 Students will be released at 2:05pm every Wednesday. Morning kindergarten will be 8:40-10:55am and afternoon kindergarten will be 11:55-2:05pm each Wednesday.
Mission Statement
At Foothill Elementary School we are committed to each student's right to grow in a loving environment that expects excellence, enhances creativity, and celebrates diversity. We intend to provide learning opportunities that will develop skills, basic knowledge, character development, literacy and artistic talents. Provide technology opportunities and develop the attitude necessary to become productive and successful members of a global society.